Getting started with Hedy

Welcome to Hedy, we are happy to help you get started with Hedy.

Our Teacher Manual has an overview of all features in detail, but this page has a brief overview so you know what it what before you dive in.

A few highlights that are important to know:

  • Hedy is a tool designed to help manage a classroom of kids programming! You can create your own classes, lesson plans and follow how kids are doing.
  • You do not need to know a lot of programming if you begin, Hedy works step by step, also for you!
  • You can use Hedy in your native tongue because it has been translated into many other languages!
  • Every kid can programme!! Hedy is especially helpful for kids who have vision problems because it can read material aloud to you without the need for a mouse.
  • We are here to help, you can find us for example on Discord or you can email-us.

Teachers about Hedy

Various teachers worldwide have expressed their passion for Hedy, as some have shared with us:

Incredibly inspiring! Super good way to make programming a lot more accessible for yourself, but also for students. Very fun to play with and a lot of potential to use with the students. I think it is a very nice tool! I believe this is a valuable way for children to start learning programming. Python and coding have always been very exciting, because the barrier to learning is very high. Now everything is a bit lower and it was explained that it can actually be very easy. I enjoyed seeing how Hedy tries to make programming as accessible as possible for users! Netherlands: Mathematics teachers in training (secondary school)

Simple interface and good examples. Teacher: 3rd - 6th grades (elementary)

Multilingual programming and just the gradual programming concept itself. US: middle school, 6th-8th grade

The gradual nature of introducing programming. Australia: High school

Continues automatically. Netherlands: 2 HAVO-VWO

Both that the explanation can be in Dutch (and the code in English), and that it builds up with more and more possibilities. Netherlands: Plus class group

But Hedy and its gradual levels...what an idea, I wanted to personally thank you for creating this. I cannot thank you enough. Also, I have never seen the level of engagement and enthusiasm of my students, as I have seen with Hedy. We have covered till level 5, and plan to spend one more week on it in classes and labs, before starting Python. Pakistan

The 'realness' of programming, it resembles how it is in reality. Netherlands: Plus class group 4 to 8

Step-by-step activities. Fun activities. Netherlands: 1e All levels, 2e VWO/HAVO 2e VWO +, 3e HAVO 3e VWO

I really like Hedy very much and it is also nicely set up, which makes it good to use in primary school. Hedy's gradual approach works very well. The short explanation at the beginning of each level and the short example programs help to give the children a quick insight into what is new in the chosen level. The different assignments that the children can choose also work very well. You see the children choose assignments that appeal to them and they then get to work with them, through the levels. Hedy is great fun for children who are good at programming and want to get a taste of a real programming language. It is good preparation for secondary school as soon as more ICT education is given there. Netherlands: Oegstgeest Montessori school

The construction is so good. Netherlands: Lower secondary school HAVO-VWO

I can keep the pace of the class. Netherlands: group 7 en 8

Felienne teaching kids Felienne teaching kids

Kids learning about Hedy Kids learning about Hedy