Rock, paper, scissors
Rock, paper, scissors 2
Haunted House

Congratulations! You've reached level 2. Hopefully you've already made some awesome codes! In the first level you might've notice that the echo command can only save one bit of information at a time. For example in the restaurant adventure, you could echo what the costumer wanted to eat, or what they wanted to drink, but not both in one sentence.

Warning! This code does not work! In Hedy commands will change sometimes. echo for example only works in level 1. In this level you'll learn a better way to echo answers back.

print Welcome at Hedy's
ask What would you like to eat?
echo So you want
ask what would you like to drink?
echo So you want

If the player types a hamburger and coke, you can't say "so you would like a hamburger and coke", but you have to make two separate line. Also, the echo command only echoes the word at the end of the sentence. So you can't say "your hamburger is coming right up!".

That changes in level 2. In level 2 you'll learn to work with variables, that allow you to save multiple pieces of information and print them in any place you want. So let's go to the next tab!

Latest update: 2023 Nov 24(0b2c4c)