Hedy documentation

Teacher Statistics

Live Dashboard

If you would like to keep track of your students' progress, you can make use of the live dashboard. You can find the live dashboard by clicking 'Live statistics' on your class page. All the features of this dashboard are explained below.

Level Selection

Firstly, you can select the levels you'd like to see on the dahsboard. Select the levels your students are currently working on by clicking on the number of that level. Deselect levels that you do not want to see by clicking them again. In this example level 1 and 2 are selected. You can click on refresh to refresh the dashboard and get the most current stats.

Class Overview

In the class overview you can see which adventure your students are working on right now. You can see that one student is working on the 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' adventure in level 1, one is working on the 'Fortune Teller' in level 1 and one student is working on the 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' adventure in level 2. If you'd like to know which of your students is working on the adventure, simply click the number and their accountnames will appear. You can also see how many of your students have finished the quiz. In this case, one student finished the quiz in level 1. Again, you can click the 1 to see which of your students it is.

You can also see one of the students is 'missing' from this overview. That's because he's working on an adventure in level 4, which is not selected.

Student List

Here you can find a list of your students and you can see their individual progress. The blue ring shows you what your students are currently working on. It is important to notice that the blue dots means that a students 'attempted' the adventure. This means that they ran a code in this adventure and went on to the next adventure, so this does not automatically mean that they did a good job! If you want to see how an individual student is getting along, you can click their name in this overview. This is what you see if you click on marleen_h3a for example: You see that Marleen is having some trouble programming. She tried to run a program that contains blanks multiple times, so she probably doesn't know that she has to change something to the example codes before running them. In this way this overview can give you a better understanding of what a student is struggling with.

Common Errors

If you're not only interested in individual struggles of your students, but you'd like to know what the whole class seems to be doing wrong, you can use this oversight of common errors. The most common error messages that your students are recieving will appear in this oversight for you, so you could give some more instructions to the whole class if needed. By clicking the error, you can see which students are having trouble with this error. By clicking resolve, you'll remove this error from the list.

Overview of programs per adventure

Another useful overview of all the programs your students made in a level can be found on your class page. Go to the class page and click 'Overview of programs per adventure'. Here you'll find this overview. You could use this overview to check your students' work. If they have made a program in an adventure, an eye appears in your overview. Click the eye to view their work. Did you like it? Then you can check the box and a green tick will appear. This way you create a nice overview for yourself of your students' results.